These photos are from a back road near Magna. As shown, the road runs alongside a body of water and borders the back of commercial and industrial properties. I saw birds still using the water as a habitat. The dump was close enough to be in view, yet it appears people are still not willing to take the extra effort to use it. All our trash ends up somewhere.

Doing Business with the Elderly


J. Rodney Dansie is in his late 70's and suffers from dementia. A developer encouraged Dansie, despite his dementia, to sign a contract involving dumping on his plot of land that went against city laws. Dansie is now responsible for over $30,000 in fines that accumulated without his understanding of the contract. This raises questions over the ethics of businesses who take advantage of the elderly suffering from dementia and other mental illnesses. I photographed Dansie and his daughter, Tiffany Janzen, in an elderly care home where Dansie lives.

UMOCA Exhibit

I’m excited and honored to have a photo exhibit at Utah Museum of Contemporary Art about homeless youth in Salt Lake City entitled, "Only God Can Judge Me." There’s been a lot of talk lately about the homeless population in Salt Lake. In presenting this group of photographs along with writing by Stephen Dark, I hope these young folks, who we met with the help of the VOA's Youth Resource Center, can tell the side of this story we don’t often hear. The exhibit is up until March 18.